CTV Program Request Form

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Community TV (Comcast 23, RCN 83, Verizon 1960) time slot request form
(you must scroll down and agree to the following guidelines) 

You must be a current BNN member in order to request air time for your show. Requests made by non members will NOT be processed.
Please contact the BNN Membership department if you are unsure of your membership status: membership@bnnmedia.org or 617-708-3224.

If you have questions about policies, guidelines, or the request process, contact BNN's Playback department.

CTV Programming Guidelines

  1. Only current BNN members may utilize channel time. Requests of non-members will not be scheduled.
  2. All submitted shows must be properly formatted and labeled, meet technical and content standards and include a program request form. 
  3. Single programs must be received before scheduling. Requests for new weekly or bi-weekly series time-slots must be accompanied by at least three programs.
  4. Single programs may be any length, but more desirable time slots will be available for programs one hour or less. Any show over 90 minutes will only air in the overnight hours.
  5. Regular weekly time slots (one hour or half hour only) may be requested for series that will deliver a new program at least weekly or bi-weekly. Monthly series may also receive regular weekly time slots, or may share a time-slot with another series, depending on availability. A requester’s record of program delivery and adherence to guidelines will be a factor in considering requests.
  6. Series time slots are assigned for a six-month season, based on requests. 
  7. Half hour shows are limited to 27 minutes and one hour shows are limited to 57 minutes in order to accommodate our Community Bulletin Board system and Public Service Announcements. Any shows that run over an allotted time slot may be automatically cut off early. 
  8. Weekly Boston-based series will be given a regular weekly repeat slot. Bi-weekly and monthly Boston-based series may also receive a repeat slot, depending on availability.
  9. To be assured of playback at the scheduled time, all pre-recorded series programs must be received at least 3 days in advance. Staff may use its discretion in playing programs received less than three business days in advance (not including weekends or holidays): but this is not assured. 
  10. Each program produced live in Studio A will be repeated once in its corresponding pre-scheduled time-slot; no Program Request is necessary. A single additional repeat may be requested using the Program Request Form;let us know the dates of the live shows and if we still have them on the server you will not have to submit DVD’s. Requests to repeat live Studio A shows will be scheduled in shared time slots, not in separate time-slots assigned for the season.
  11. The Community TV Channel is for current content. Do not submit previously played programming as original programming, or programs older than six months for replay. Series that do not submit new episodes on a frequent basis may be subject to removal from the schedule mid-season. Programs premiering on BNN will be prioritized. 
  12. In the event that a CTV requester is not able to submit content for their regular series, a request can be made to repeat previously aired content in it’s place. Monthly series are limited to one (1) repeat request per calendar year. Bi-weekly series are limited to four (4) repeat requests per year. Weekly series are limited to six (6) repeat requests per year. Requests can be arranged by emailing the playback department at least 3 business days before the episode is scheduled to air.
  13. All submitted content is deleted and/or discarded 30 days after it first airs. Arrangements can be made in advance with the playback department to pick up DVDs. Do not under any circumstances submit your only copy of a program.
  14. All channel time requesters must be familiar with and adhere to these policies and guidelines, including content provisions for late-night scheduling of mature content, prohibition of commercial content or illegal content (such as obscenity or libel), and restrictions on political advocacy in the three days before an election.
  15. By requesting channel time you agree that your programming may be further distributed by BNN, such as through webstreaming.

Technical and Formatting Requirements:

  • Submit your program on DVD or data disc (or other digital media as arranged with and approved by staff).
  • DVDs may contain multiple episodes, but this must be indicated on the DVD label. 
  • We are able to download from external sources such as Pegmedia or MassAccess. Contact joconnor@bnnmedia.org to discuss options.
  • We accept most modern video file formats, but highly suggest h.264 or mpeg2 (.mpeg or .mpg). We may need to convert your files to be compatible with our playback server.
  • Disc must be clean, unblemished, unscratched and provided in a protective case. 
  • Each disc must be labeled with full program title (no abbreviations), episode #, requester name & phone #, and scheduled playback date (no other dates)

Be aware that programs may not play if any of these requirements are not met.
We will contact you in advance if there is a problem with your disc.