Common Ground: Dr. Dianne Kelly - Revere Public Schools / Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz - MA State Senate & Barbara J. Dougan - FAMM

During the first half of Common Ground, host Sheriff Tompkins sits down with Dr. Dianne Kelly from the Revere Public Schools. Dr. Kelly is the new Superintendent-Elect of the public school system - scheduled to take over in July 2015. They discuss her new leadership position and some of the accomplishments and the goals being done to teach students in the public school system. Revere’s school system is multicultural and diverse and they celebrate a rich tapestry of heritage. They remain united in their efforts to realize the full intellectual, social, and physical potential of every child. In this endeavor, they shall maintain a safe environment that nurtures curiosity, dignity and the promotion of social responsibility. On the second half of the show, host Sheriff Tompkins talks with Massachusetts State Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz and Barbara Dougan from the Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM). During this segment, they discuss mandatory minimum sentencing and legislation that has been filed to repeal it. Senator Diaz and State Representative Mary Keefe have filed an omnibus bill that addresses the repeal of mandatory minimums, collateral sanctions by the Registry of Motor Vehicles, reducing certain low-level felonies to misdemeanors and allowing for medical placement of those incarcerated that are terminally ill. Barbara Dougan introduced Sheriff Tompkins to the FAMM organization and why they are in support of repealing mandatory minimum sentencing.

Original Air Date: 
May 19, 2015