Life Matters: C.J. Doyle asks why isn't the Mass. Catholic infrastructure mobilized against immorality, religious freedom and free speech?

Colbe discusses with C.J. Doyle why was the Mass. Catholic infrastructure silent on a recent 2018 referendum regarding transgenderism and 'public accommodation'. Was the failure to fight and the deafening silence just cultural appeasement, lack of moral courage, and accommodation to fit in with today's society? Was religious freedom and free speech compromised? And will the people assigned to investigate St. John's Seminary in Brighton, including Janet Eisner and Donald Stern with their past affiliations with the homosexual community e.g. Richard Yurko of GLADD, just 'whitewash' the investigation because they don't want to blame rampant homosexual predation by seminarians and faculty? Will Cardinal O'Malley just endorse the secular view of prepubescent pedophilia even though the John Jay study noted 81 percent of same-sex predation in the Catholic Church is with post pubescent teens and young adults?

Original Air Date: 
Dec 6, 2018