Life Matters: Darlene Pawlik (part 1) - Educator on Human and Sexual Trafficking

Darlene Pawlik gives her personal testimony of being conceived in rape, molested by her biological father from toddlerhood to eleven years old, and human sex trafficked on her 14th birthday for four years. Pregnant by age 18, she faked an abortion to escape her Mafia pimp. Her former social worker, the pro-life movement and Marilyn Birnie of 'Friends of the Unborn, came to her rescue. Now a mother of five children, she is developing a teaching module on human trafficking and the exploitation for cheap labor and sex. Why is it that victims of rape and incest more often than not, do not abort the child in the womb? Is there a difference between those trafficked under age 18 and those 18 years and older? And who is on the front lines trying to help women escape from sex trafficking? And much, much more!

Original Air Date: 
Nov 15, 2018