Life Matters: Darlene Pawlik (part 2) - Educator on Human and Sexual Trafficking

Inspired and based on the Old Testament story of Rahab, whose acts saved lives as she went from harlot to herione, Darlene Pawlik developed an on-line twelve part educational module on human sex trafficking. Since Pregnancy Resource Centers are the front lines of sex trafficking, Darlene's targets this market first. Topics deal with: emotional abuse which is the #1 method of coercion by traffickers; 12 to 17 year olds are the age most at risk, representing 49% of all sex trafficking; social media makes it easier to target and exploit this age group; 82% of victims are lured by false promises; and an estimated 100,000 underaged minors are brought into the sex trade each year in America. Darlene's course deals with effective response to human trafficking; identifying the vulnerable and victimized clients; implementing trauma informed care and provide resources to help trafficked clients to find freedom. See

Original Air Date: 
Nov 22, 2018