Life Matters: Debby Dugan, Chairwomen, Keep Mass Safe

Is Question 3 on the upcoming November 6, 2018 election about descrimination of people identifying as transgenders or is it about the Safety of Women and Children. The MA. legislature greatly expanded a 2011 in 2016 giving unfettered access of anyone who identifies as an opposite sex person. Three amendments to protect women from sexual predators by S. O'Connell, law enforcement by M. Lombardo, and grandparents by J. Lyons were defeated in the legislature. Our guest believes even transgenders will be put at greater risk too. Ms. Dugan asserts its not about discrimination but rather safety and privacy for women and children. It's common sense because men do not belong in women's private spaces. She urges folks to vote NO to repeal the 2016 law, thereby protecting organizations, police departments, businesses, grandparents et al.

Original Air Date: 
Oct 4, 2018