Life Matters: Host Brendan O'Connell is Solo with an historical perspective of why Life Matters is necessary

Brendan refers viewers to terrific pro-life resources such as Life News and Life Site News which validates why 'Life Matters' is a topic rich show and educational resource. We don't run out of topics to talk about! Whether it's pro-abortion bias by media outlets such as NPR on the Gosnell movie, the unheralded 'abortion pill reversal' procedure if a woman changes her mind after taking the abortion pill, blood tests on pregnant women that leads to sex selection abortions and its aftermath, how pro-aborts treated U.S. Senator Susan Collins during the Judge Kavanaugh hearings, Norma McCorvey (Roe) and Sandra Cano (Doe) becoming pro-life advocates trying to overturn their own cases, or Steve Mosher's revelation that communist China officials are flipping from one child policy to 'Reproductive Servitude' whereby each couple should have 'no less than' two children, and incumbent politicians like recently defeated 10 term U.S. congressman Mike Capuano bragging in radio ads that he has the backing of Planned Parenthood's PAC. Over 15 years and 650 shows, Life Matters endeavors to educate the public to be a perspicacious observer of life issues for the public.

Original Air Date: 
Sep 27, 2018