Life Matters: Joel Brind, Ph.D., Professor of Biology & Endocrinology, Baruch College, City University of New York

The New England Journal of Medicine's recent December 2017 article claims only a small increase in breast cancer due to 'contemporary hormonal contraceptives'. Dr. Brind discusses in depth, and debunks the article as a 'BIG FAT LIE'. Scientists have known for 30 years that the birth control pill is neither hormonal nor necessarily contraceptive. Rather, the 'pill' is a synthetic steroidal drug that induces sterility in women by blocking ovulation. Moreover, the longer a teenager/woman uses the 'pill', the greater the risk of breast cancer later in life. Teenagers on birth control pills are at great risk. Is political 'spin' by pharmaceutical companies and clueless, condoning and complicit media putting American women at significant health risk?

Original Air Date: 
Jan 4, 2018