Life Matters: Lorraine Marie Varela, Prayer Ministry and Screenwriter

Lorraine Varela shares the behind the scenes filming of the movie 'Unplanned', which chronicles the life of Abby Johnson, from College through her eight years of working at Planned Parenthood in College Station Texas. Abby, who became the youngest manager of a PP clinic and the National 'Employee of the Year', saw her life change through witnessing an abortion and the presence of '40 Days for Life' praying outside her PP clinic. Lorraine and husband Gabriel offered prayer strategies during the filming in Oklahoma. Moreover, Lorraine wrote a 'user freindly' prayer devotional for healing to help those coming to grips with what abortion really is. The emotions include grief, guilt, shame, regret and depression and how to overcome them. Lorraine explains the many 'still pictures' she took while on the set during the filming.

Original Air Date: 
Oct 25, 2018