Life Matters: Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. Worldwide Battle over Abortion and Family Planning

Brendan hosts Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. in Genetics and Molecular Biology, and Associate Director of Research at the Center for Family and Human Rights. aka Dr. Oas describes the battles waged at the United Nations in NYC and around the World. Sub-Saharan countries and Latin America are two major targets of the Population Control faction, such as Amnesty international, claiming for instance, fewer people on earth via abortion and contraception reduces poverty and global warming. The UNPF's World Population Annual Report pushes deceptive statistics regarding 'unplanned pregnancies', spacing of pregnancies, and the myth of 'lack of planning services worldwide'. Trump's reinstating the 'Mexico City' policy has been very effective in slowing abortion worldwide. Dr. Oas explains the metrics on the proposed 'REACH Act', its specious reasoning and its erroneous conclusions. And much, much more.

Original Air Date: 
Oct 18, 2018