mLab: Lego Movie Cookie

Today we will be making a project inspired by the LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part. After watching the Trailer, "I was inspired to make a little mayhem of my very own, As someone with a killer sweet tooth, I decided to make a General Mayhem inspired Cookie. In order to make a General Mayhem inspired Cookie, we need to create a Cookie Cutter. We picked an aspect of General Mayhem that we would like to, 'cookie-fy'. We chose her Wing's as the component to be transformed into cookie form using CAD software and a 3D printer."

Show Summary:
mLab or Mbadika Laboratory, pronounced BAH-GEE- KAH, Explores ways to bring our ideas to life whether it requires a bit of traditional arts and crafts to even using advanced technologies such as 3D Printers to bring our ideas to reality. Hosted by Netia McCray.

Original Air Date: 
Feb 7, 2019

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