Neighborhood Network News: 10/31/18

We begin tonight with a salute to the new champions of major league baseball, the Boston Red Sox. On Sunday night, the Sox defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers, to win their fourth World Series in fifteen years. But today, from the Fenway to downtown Boston, thousands of fans were still cheering, as their favorite players rode by on a fleet of duckboats.

Police are investigating racially offensive graffiti found this morning on the exterior walls of the Tynan Elementary School in South Boston. The graffiti was directed against African Americans.

Developers want to build a new Whole Foods in Brighton--along with as many as two hundred seventy units of housing. Affiliates of a New York firm, Kimco Realty Corporation, filed plans for the project last Friday with the Boston Planning and Development Agency.

Interview with Kathy Tobin, Energy Programs Manager at Action for Boston Community Development.

Original Air Date: 
Oct 31, 2018