Neighborhood Network News: 11/29/18

We begin tonight with more details emerging on building plans for the Boston Public Schools. In phase two, released last night, the plans call for twelve school to be built or transformed over the next nine years.

A highly-decorated Army sergeant from Massachusetts was one of the... three U-S soldiers killed Tuesday in Afghanistan. According to the Boston Globe, thirty-nine year-old Eric Emond and two other soldiers with Special Forces were killed by a roadside bomb.

Business groups are opposing a possible move by the City Council to make work schedules for employees more predictable. A proposed ordinance would require more advance notice on scheduling for companies under contract with the city.

Interview with John Drew, President and CEO, ABCD.

Interview with Brian O'Donovan, WGBH Radio.

Dorchester Update with Jennifer Smith of the Dorchester Reporter.

Original Air Date: 
Nov 29, 2018