Neighborhood Network News: 1/17/19

Our top story: Mayor Walsh looks at a new tool for managing the opioid crisis: legal sites for injecting drugs. According to the Boston Globe, Walsh and the Mayor of Cambridge are in Canada this week to visit a center where drugs can be injected under medical supervision.

A man was found dead after a house fire this morning in Roxbury. The two-alarm fire broke out around one-thirty, in a house on Catawba street. There were no other injuries, and damages are estimated at five hundred thousand dollars.

In Massachusetts, there's a new way to ask for emergency response. It's now possible to use your mobile phone for text messages to nine-one-one. That option's especially helpful if your hearing-impaired, or trying to ask for help without being heard.

Interview with the executive director of the Friends of the Public Garden, Lizz Vizza, and the executive director of the Museum of African American History, Marita Rivero.

Dorchester Report with Jennifer Smith of The Dorchester Reporter.

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Jan 17, 2019