Neighborhood Network News: 12/4/18

According to the Bay State Banner, seven people have registered campaign accounts to fund a possible citywide challenge in next year's election. They include an education activist, a school teacher, a city official, and a candidate who ran at-large in two thousand seventeen.

Also leaving his current position is Mayor Walsh's chief of education, Turahn Dorsey.
Appointed four years ago, Dorsey worked on new policies for student enrollment and high school education. He also worked a plan for renovation and construction of school buildings.

The incoming district attorney for Suffolk County says prosecutors who want to keep their jobs will face some tough questions. According to the Boston Herald, Rachael Rollins is putting together an advisory group with as many as forty people.

A gateway to Boston's Chinatown has become more inviting, thanks to improvements at Liberty Tree Plaza. Before the War of Independence, the intersection of Boylston and Washington streets was a gathering place for resistance to British rule.

Original Air Date: 
Dec 4, 2018