Neighborhood Network News: 1/30/19

We begin tonight with a new health problem in Boston stemming from the opioid crisis.
According to the Boston Globe, six local drug-users have been diagnosed with H-I-V.
Public health officials are trying to contain the outbreak and help people infected get treatment.

The M-B-T-A plans a new fare increase starting in July. If you pay with a Charlie card, that means the cost of a subway trip would go from two dollars and twenty-five cents to two-forty.

This afternoon at the African Meetinghouse on Beacon Hill, Mayor Walsh signed an order to advance racial equity in city government. The order calls for racial equity training and program assessments.

Interview with John and Dahria Fernandes, Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Vida Hispana with Maga Troncoso.

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Jan 30, 2019