Neighborhood Network News: 1/4/19

The Harriet Tubman House--a headquarters for social services in the South End and Lower Roxbury for the past forty years--is up for sale. The non-profit United South End Settlements plans to use proceeds from the sale to support its programs and expand its campus on Rutland Street.

And, after almost two centuries near Faneuil Hall, a restaurant with a classic Boston flavor is shutting down. Durgin Park will close a week from tomorrow.

A defense lawyers group's supporting the appeal of the death sentence for the surviving Boston Marathon bomber. The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers says Dzhokhar Tsarnaev might have been given a life sentence, if jurors had known more about the other bomber--his older brother Tamerlan.

Interview with Latifa Ali and Wali Ali, 313WON Productions.

Original Air Date: 
Jan 4, 2019