Neighborhood Network News: 5/16/18

Our top story: a preview of coming attractions on the Orange Line. Testing has already begun for the first of one hundred fifty-two new train being assembled in East Springfield Massachusetts.
Checking out the cars yesterday near Wellington Station were Governor Baker and other officials with the state and the M-B-TA.

This morning, Mayor Walsh explained his decision to have an outside review of alleged harassment against Boston's female firefighters. The move comes after the Boston Globe's reports about incidents and response from top officials.

Starting June fourth, Boston Convention and Exhibition Center will host the world's largest gathering in the field of biotechnology.It's expected the Bio International convention will bring in more than sixteen thousand people.

A Boston city councilor wants explore new guidelines for development in East Boston. The current master plan was put together eighteen years ago.The area's district city councilor, Lydia Edwards, says it's time for new zoning guidelines, in response to intense pressures from development, traffic congestion, and rising sea levels.

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May 16, 2018