Neighborhood Network News: 5/18/18

Hope for avoiding foreclosure turns to despair, as a Dorchester family loses its home on Elmont Street. The house--bought eight years ago by Lavern Bridges Daley and Karen Mason--was auctioned off this morning to an investor.

Boston's chief of arts and culture, Julie Burros, will soon be leaving for a new job. Since coming to Boston almost four years ago, Burros oversaw the creation of a comprehensive master plan for arts and culture. She was also the first arts official in a Boston mayor's cabinet in more than twenty years.

The Boston Planning and Development Agency has given a key approval to a new skyscraper on the site of Winthrop Square garage. With a height of almost seven hundred feet high, it's expected the tower will have luxury housing and office space.

Interview with Lydia Edwards, Boston City Councilor.

Interview with Camila Caldwell, Alianza Hispana.

Interview with Molly Blake, PlayWorks.

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May 18, 2018