Neighborhood Network News 6/24/15 - Guests: Chris Faraone, Suzanne Metro, Dennis Dimitri, M.D

A public opinion survey of Boston residents by the US Olympic Committee started Monday. Residents are being asked about support for the games with public financing and tax revenue. A team of city workers has collected 2,000 needles left behind by drug users. Mayor Walsh had the team go to parks and other public spaces starting last month. A BPL consultant is calling for more resources to protect the art collection at the library. The report was commissioned by the library last year, before revelations about works being misplaced. Interview with Chris Faraone, Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism. Interview with Suzanne Metro, MIRA Coalition. Interview with Dennis Dimitri, M.D. Mass. Medical Society.

Original Air Date: 
Jun 24, 2015