Neighborhood Network News: 7/10/18

Our top story: Mayor Walsh tries to increase pay for the city's secondary workforce. He's filed an ordinance that would expand the local prevailing wage law to employees under contract in all city buildings. Currently, the measure only applies to large contractors. Officials in eleven states are trying to eliminate barriers to new jobs for fast-food workers. The attorneys general have sent letters asking about agreements to ban poaching by the other businesses in the same chain. The letters were sent to eight companies, including Burger King, Panera and Dunkin' Donuts. A man from East Boston's pleading not guilty to weapons charges following an explosion early Sunday morning in East Boston. Twenty-eight year-old Tomas Mikula was also injured in the explosion, which happened in an apartment on Webster Street. He was arraigned yesterday at Mass General Hospital. Interview with Ture Turnbull, Candidate for State Rep. in the 11th Suffolk District.

Original Air Date: 
Jul 10, 2018