Neighborhood Network News: 7/11/18

Our top story: the City Council considers possible voting rights for non-citizens. At a hearing yesterday, councilors heard testimony on ways to help immigrants become more civically engaged and exercise their rights--including the possible right for legal immigrants to vote in city elections. But the new voting right also met with some opposition. This afternoon outside the State House, transportation and safety advocates called for a tougher law against drivers using cell phones. The groups want the legislature to pass a bill that would ban the use of phones held by drivers in their hands. A man from Mattapan's being held without bail in connection with a fatal drive-by shooting in Dorchester on July fourth.At his arraignment yesterday, thirty-two year-old Michael Carleton pleaded not-guilty to a charge of murder. The federal government's providing some reassurance for the legal sale and use of marijuana in Massachusetts. In a statement yesterday, U-S Attorney Andrew Lelling said his drug enforcement priority would be traffic in opioids. Interview with Segun Idowu, Democratic Candidate for State Rep. (14th Suffolk) Interview with Lauren Elias, Hub Theatre Company of Boston, Inc.

Original Air Date: 
Jul 11, 2018