Neighborhood Network News: 7/13/18

Our top story: the state legislature tries to make voter registration automatic. The senate passed a bill yesterday that would registers voters when they get a driver's license or sign up for health coverage. Participating agencies would verify U-S citizenship. There's a new sign of change for the Saint Patrick's Day Parade. Planning for next year's event in South Boston will be led by the head of an L-G-B-T-Q veterans group, Bryan Bishop. Teenagers from all around the city came together today at Boston University to start their summer jobs as M-L-K Scholars. Sponsored by John Hancock and other partners, the program helps six hundred Boston students every summer develop leadership skills and get on track for careers. Interview with Lauren Dezenski, POLITICO Massachusetts. Interview with Bekah Salwasser, Red Sox Foundation.

Original Air Date: 
Jul 13, 2018