Neighborhood Network News: 7/24/18

Our top story: This morning in City Hall, officials announce a substance use prevention plan aimed at young people. The goals are to reach more young people, with more pathways to care--and more public awareness. Governor Baker's trying to prevent new curbs on abortion rights proposed by President Trump. According to the Boston Globe, the proposed rules would cut off federal money for clinics that perform abortions or refer women to abortion providers. Mayor Walsh is trying to put the brakes on the expected roll-out of electric scooters. A company called Bird plans to offer the scooters for rental--at one dollar, plus fifteen cents per minute. The company says the scooters can decrease the use of cars. Interview with the chief of Boston E-M-S, James Hooley, and the director of the Mayor's Office of Workforce Development, Trinh Nguyen. Interview with Imari Paris-Jeffries, Parenting Journey.

Original Air Date: 
Jul 24, 2018