Neighborhood Network News: 7/25/18

We begin tonight with questions about the cost and benefits of busing for Boston schools. This follows a recent report showing that areas with the most students--including Mattapan--had less access to schools with higher test scores. A federal judge has allowed a legal challenge to the end of temporary legal status for immigrants from Haiti and Central America. The federal government recently announced that status would expire in the next sixteen months, forcing more than three hundred thousand immigrants to leave the country. And improvements are in store for the mall surrounding Boston's monument to the Midnight ride of Paul Revere. The city started work today on the "Prado," --the open space in the North End between Hanover street and the historic Old North Church. Interview with Colin Jones, Mass. Budget & Policy Center. Vida Hispana with Maga Troncoso.

Original Air Date: 
Jul 25, 2018