Neighborhood Network News: 7/26/18

Our top story: Boston ranks first in the nation for the racial gap in unsolved homicides. According to the Washington Post, almost sixty percent of the homicides in Boston with black victims had no arrests. The percentage for white victims was less than thirteen percent. A three year-old boy was killed, and his sister injured, in a vehicle crash yesterday afternoon in South Boston. According to the Boston Globe, a van went up on the sidewalk and hit their stroller, following a collision with a car. The federal government's highlighting a new threat in the opioid crisis. Officials report a spike in new cases of H-I-V among people injecting drugs in Massachusetts. The number of cases around Lawrence and Lowell has increased since last spring by thirty-three percent. Buildings in the Longwood Medical area had to be evacuated because a gas main leak. The leak was reported a little after eleven-thirty this morning on Brookline Avenue. The avenue was closed to traffic from Longwood Avenue to the Riverway.

Original Air Date: 
Jul 26, 2018