Neighborhood Network News: 7/27/18

We begin tonight with a major traffic detour for completion of repair work on the Commonwealth Avenue Bridge. Through Saturday, August eleventh, Commonwealth Avenue will be closed to general traffic and Green Line trolleys between Blandford Street and Packard's Corner. South Boston residents are calling for new traffic controls, after a fatal accident. A three year-old boy was killed and his sister injured on Wednesday, after a crash between two vehicles. This happened at the intersection of L Street and East Sixth Street. Governor Baker signed a bill today repealing a nineteenth century state law that criminalizes abortion. State legislators passed the bill with bipartisan approval after the nomination by President Trump to fill a new vacancy on the U-S Supreme Court. Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito said the bill continues the state's tradition of protecting a woman's right to reproductive health care. Interview with Linda Champion, Candidate for Suffolk County District Attorney.

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Jul 27, 2018