Neighborhood Network News: 7/30/18

Our top story: state legislators reach agreement on taxes for short-term rental housing. According to MassLive, the measure would exempt bed-and-breakfast rentals in owner-occupied buildings with fewer than four units. In Boston, the combined state and local taxes and fees could be more than seventeen percent. The Boston Police are asking for information about the identity and whereabouts of a person sought in connection with a fatal stabbing in Dorchester. A photo of that person was released last Friday, after the death of seventy-seven year old Marcelino Perez. An outside review has found signs of race and gender bias in evaluations of judges. According to the Boston Globe, evaluations by attorneys for Black judges in the Massachusetts Trial Court were much less favorable than for white judges. Interview with Brian Rosman, Executive Director, Health Care For All.

Original Air Date: 
Jul 30, 2018