Neighborhood Network News: 7/31/18

We begin tonight with a scramble to prevent what could be a new setback for gun control. Eight states, including Massachusetts, are trying to block an agreement with the federal government that would allow blueprints for Three-D guns to downloaded by the general public. A bill to regulate and tax short-term rentals in Massachusetts is meeting with opposition from Airbnb--and property-owners. According to the Boston Globe, they're against a provision that would make a list of rental locations public. Three employees of the Boston Public Library have been placed on unpaid leave, pending an investigation. According to the Boston Herald, three facilities managers for the B-P-L were placed on leave July eighteenth. A Spokesperson for the B-P-L and the mayor declined further comment. Interview with James Morton, Greater Boston YMCA. Interview with Michelle de Lima, The Trustees.

Original Air Date: 
Jul 31, 2018