Neighborhood Network News: 9/7/18

Our top story: life-threatening injuries for a man hit by a car in South Boston. News outlets report the crash took place this morning, a little before ten-thirty, on Preble street, about a block from the rotary at Old Colony Avenue.

With most Boston students going back to school yesterday, officials report an encouraging start for buses. According to the Boston Globe, they say eighty percent of the buses got to schools within fifteen minutes of the opening bell--an improvement over day one last year.

State officials are disputing a report that almost two thousand licenses were issued to drivers who were deceased. The State Auditor, Suzanne Bump, says the licenses were issued between the middle of two thousand fourteen and the end of 2016.

Interview with John Buonopane and Joe Kirylo, United Steel Workers Union.

Interview with Professors Katherine Levine Einstein and David Glick, Political Science Professors at Boston University.

Original Air Date: 
Sep 7, 2018