Talk of the Neighborhoods: ReimagineManhood

This week on Talk of the Neighborhoods, host Joe Heisler talks with two prominent violence prevention specialists about Reimagining Manhood, the subject of an anti-violence summit in Worcester next week being sponsored by Jane Doe, Inc. 

With all the recent allegations of sexual harassment, men everywhere are being forced to re-examine their relationships and behaviors toward women. Guest Duane de Fours, is an educator, media critic and activist, affilated with MIT, is facilitating a discussion at the summit on racial justice and heathy masculinities; Albert Pless, Jr., a program manager for the City of Cambridge, Department of Public Health, is working on men's health issues. Both are active in Jane Doe's annual White Ribbon Campaign, which asks men to sign a pledge not to use violence in their relationships with others.

Original Air Date: 
Dec 7, 2017