Verizon will be changing the call numbers for all of the PEG stations in Boston, which will take effect on or after November 11, 2020. So those of you that view our programs on Verizon/Fios, BNN, and its sister stations are now 2160 (HD), 2161 (HD) 962, 963, and 964.


BNN will also be changing its signage to:

BNN Community TV - Xfinity Channel 23 | RCN Channel 83  | Fios Channel 2160 

BNN News & Information -  Xfinity Channel 9 | RCN Channel 15  | Fios Channel 2161




COVID-19 Research
Available On Video On Demand If you missed the show Equity and COVID-19 Research 101, you can watch it, and others like it on our Video-on-Demand.
BNN salutes the graduates of Boston, the Commonwealth, the Nation, and the World!
'The Last Dream’ follows several young U.S. citizens whose parents are immigrants from El Salvador. When their parents are threatened with deportation, the children team with the Boston Experimental Theatre to create a play about their situation, which they eventually perform in Washington D.C. for the U.S. Congress. They meet with members of the Massachusetts Congressional delegation in an effort to win permanent residency for their parents, and to keep their families intact.
Boston Neighborhood Network Media and the Boston Public Schools have joined forces during the COVID-19 outbreak to provide the youth of Boston with educational programming.