To keep you, our membership, and our staff safe, as COVID -19 cases rise, we are temporarily re-instituting BNN remote work. We are shuttering all in-person Radio and Television productions, and returning to remote productions only. This is effective Tuesday, January 4th. 


We apologize for any inconvenience. Please reach out to the department heads to schedule any remote productions and other related business:

TV Studios              Ashley Lewis     

Radio Studio           Brett Rodrigues 

Playback                 Bradley Lewis    

Membership           Monique Douglas



Some of our neighbors are having a hard time right now with the isolation of the pandemic, food and housing insecurity, and unemployment. So, we wanted to offer some information to help those of us struggling to put food on the table. Here is a limited list of pantries around the city that may be able to offer help. For a more detailed listing, please visit



For a listing of vaccination locations, please visit or or call 617-534-5050


For a list of testing sites, please visit


Verizon will be changing the call numbers for all of the PEG stations in Boston, so those of you that view our programs on Verizon/Fios, BNN, and its sister stations are now 2160 (HD), 2161 (HD) 962, 963, and 964. 


BNN Community TV             Xfinity 23 | RCN 83 | Fios 2160 

BNN News & Information     Xfinity   9 | RCN 15 | Fios 2161


More games added! Click for more information.
BNN‘s Around Town went on the road with aMBadika Laboratory (MLABS)
In anticipation of the film Captain Marvel, Mbadika will debut its second BNN Episode of their latest series, mLab, showcasing how using STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) you can bring your Captain Marvel inspired ideas to reality.