Explore Ideas. Create Content. Amplify Voices with BNN Media’s education Program

BNN Media offers a range of classes taught by committed instructors in a supportive environment for a nominal fee to Boston residents and organizations that serve Boston.  

You can learn to create media projects from concept to edited product or you can hone your skills with tutorials and short workshops. We offer workshops in all aspects of production: pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution in 3 educational tracks – field, radio, and studio production. 

Our Timothy Smith Network Media Lab has computers and software programs to edit video programs, compose a soundtrack and more. We also offer workshops and seminars to help you understand various media technologies, including new tools and apps. 

Our goal is to provide the technology and media training needed to Boston Residents so they can participate and create content in the ever-changing communication landscape. 

We provide a Producer Media Tool Kit to help them through production. Members create programs for cablecast on our cable channels and stream live on our website, as well as media projects for distribution on the web. We also provide special media training and production programs for youth.