Non-profit Organizations

You Can Reach Your Target Audience!

Nonprofit organizations, public agencies, and institutions that serve Bostonians can reach their target audience in many ways at BNN.


Join BNN Media as a Basic Organizational Member and air programs not produced at BNN Media on our channels and streamed live on our website. Your organization can also promote community events on our Community Message Board. 

Join BNN Media as a Full Organizational Member and learn media or radio production, using our facilities and equipment to produce your program and distribute the final product on our channels, streamed live on our website and archived on our VOD (Video-on-Demand.) Learn more about Memberships.

Partner with BNN on projects from training and seminars to productions. Learn more about our Equipment & Space Rental and Timothy Smith Network Media Lab.

BNN also provides several opportunities for organizations to get their message out without learning how to use media technology.

BNNLive Programming

Your nonprofit organization may be eligible to participate in our BNNLive programming format. Using our studio at a designated time to create a program, we will provide on-air training, the equipment, and technical expertise to make your content. You provide the show content, and guests. Your organization obtains a finished program. Learn more.

BNN Community Message Board

Your organization can post messages on our Community Message Board, which runs 24/7 on our channels and streams live on our website. Learn more.

Producer Spotlight

You can take advantage of this free opportunity to produce a 30-second PSA to promote your program. Producer Spotlight is shown on our channels and website between regularly scheduled programs. Learn more.