have read and agree with the CTV programming guidelines.: Yes==Next Page==Series or Show Title: : Joseph and Danie Charles MinistriesSponsor Name: Joseph CharlesSponsor Phone Number: 8573122906Sponsor Email: charles290@hotmail.comWrite a one-line summary of the show/series: To preach the word of God inorder to save many souls for the LordProducer Name: Danie Charlesproducer check:Producer Phone Number: 8573183888Producer Email: charles290@hotmail.comWhich time slot request are you making? This is a WEEKLY show (one new showevery week)Select the category program theme that best describes your program content.:Faith BasedWhat is the delivery method of your show/series? Files are available fordownload on a third-party site (such as Pegmedia, MassAccess, Dropbox, etc)What is the general running time of your show? example: 27 minutes: 55Where was this program produced? In Boston, but not at BNNWhat BNN resources were used to create this program? (check all that apply):No BNN equipment/facilities were used to create this program