Free Speech TV

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BNN News and Information Channel: Comcast 9 | RCN 15 
Overnight programming from 12:00 to 8:00 am 
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BNN's satellite dish brings down feeds with non-commercial independent news and information sources offering diverse perspectives on the world. Free Speech TV, cablecast and streamed live every night on the BNN News & Information channel, connects Bostonians with the largest community media collaboration in the United States

Working with activists and artists, Free Speech TV uses electronic media to cultivate an informed and active citizenry in order to advance progressive social change.

Free Speech TV programs include live weekday shows:
  • News and analysis: Democracy Now!, The Thom Hartmann Program, The Bill Press Show
  • Current affairs series: Bioneers, Meet the Farmer, Gay USA, eHarlem TV
  • Investigative documentaries: Gas Hole, The Billionaires' Tea Party, Wetback: The Undocumented Documentary
  • Live special-event coverage:  #Occupy WallStreet, Take Back the American Dream Conference, Netroots Nation Conference, National Conference for Media Reform, Annual Homelessness Marathon