WBCA 102.9 FM is a low-power, community radio station in Boston, Massachusetts. We focus on local news, talk, and music. On WBCA, we air PSAs that meet the station’s programming guidelines. If you are submitting a PSA, we ask that you are a nonprofit from the Boston area that is publicizing an event, a service, or requesting volunteers.

Please submit a PSA at least 3 weeks in advance of any time-sensitive material.

By submitting the form below, you will be submitting all of the information so that WBCA can create a PSA for you. Due to a high level of submissions, we may not be able to create every PSA submitted. Please keep in mind that we may need to modify the language to adhere to FCC rules and regulations. NOTE: If you are having a fundraising event we cannot include ticket prices, even if the “price” is free.

If it’s for an event make sure to include…

  • The date
  • The time
  • The location (including address)
  • Who to contact for more information (a website and/or telephone number)



    We need to be sure you are a real person,