WBCA 102.9 FM is a low-power, community radio station in Boston, Massachusetts. We focus on local news, talk, and music. If you are submitting music, we ask that you are an artist from Massachusetts. Submissions from outside MA will not be accepted. All genres – including (but not limited to) hip hop, rock, electronic, jazz, world & reggae, funk, punk, country, and soul – are welcome.

WBCA 102.9 FM follows all FCC rules and regulations and will only play music that is FCC clean. If your music does not comply with FCC standards and regulations it will not receive airplay on WBCA. By following FCC rules and regulations, WBCA will not play music that discriminates, contains profane language, is explicitly sexual, is explicitly violent, or condones drug use. 

Due to a high volume of submissions, WBCA does not have the time to edit any music that is submitted. If your music is submitted with inappropriate content it will not be played or kept at WBCA.

!!!WE WILL ONLY ACCEPT DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINKS TO YOUR SONGS!!! (for example, dropbox, google drive, etc.) WE WILL NOT ACCEPT SPOTIFY, SOUNDCLOUD, ITUNES, OR OTHER MUSIC NETWORK AND PLATFORM LINKS. If you wish to email them directly to Radio@bnnmedia.org you must first fill out this form and note within that you are sending the songs via email.

    Currently we are only accepting music by artists from Massachusetts.

    We need to be sure you are a real person,